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chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

I kid.
I'm also Mike.
I've been resisting the urge to abuse knowing your password for YEARS now. (wait, I think I may have given in once or twice.)
In any case, this will be (I hope) my first and only LJ post whilst in China.
You see, I love you all so much that I'd prefer to talk to you all as little as possible whilst overseas.
Thus, we can catch up old-school when I get back. And when I mean old-school I mean "Dearest Cecelia, I have just arrived in Czeckoslovakia. I hope this letter finds you in good health. The trip took seven months by train" old school. (and you guys know how I love OLD-school)

So, when I get back, we can talk, catch up, and the stories of my adventures can be revealed 'round a fire whilst I smoke a pipe (no, I don't smoke... except when I go out *forehead*).
And my loving friends can do like-wise.

What have I been up to? I've spoken to basically everyone who reads LJ, or at least Xiaohe's. But whatever.
So here's a few shoutouts:
Xiaohe: When I finish your letter (if I ever do) I will eventually want it back, or at least a copy of it. Because asking for it back is douchey.
Laura: I spent my birthday in an airport. It was lovely. Be happy, I love you.
David: I'm reading diesel sweeties because of a distant high school memory of this one time in your old place. Fuck you. (I Love you)
Siuyan: I have nothing to say to you.

In any case, after riding the giant hamster ball on the water with Rainbow and after I make go to another city on business to make a speech to 1000 people and travel down the Yangtze on a boat, I have no idea what's in store for me.

Come to China. They have Giant hamster balls.

Seriously. If there's one reason to come, it's that one.

In any case, I have to write down some talking points for the speech and send it to Bob so that he check 'em out and make sure it's all good before I write/prepare the damn thing.
... The new James Bond movie sucked.

PS: Xiaohe don't change your password, I need you for convenient LJ comment checking. And you smell bad [lovely].


First post!
Epic post.
Hamster balls eh?
I am so glad You're happy it makes me happy, actually.
I mean it.
I am having the worst ...period of time... ever. And if you don't believe me go back in time to my bathroom from the hours of 3 am to 8 am for a horrifying display...Wash your hands when touching hobos frequently by the way... And then go watch me act out act 5 scene 2 of Titus Andronicus then give a twenty minute presentation on the finer points of it. Then watch me get the cold shoulder from my partner for it. A partner I kind of wanted to bang.

We can put you in costume and stalk my self. But seriously, after all this. Knowing your happy makes this a great day. Okay not great, notably less shitty.

I totally didn't mean to make this all about me.
I've had the words" Fortunate potato" flit across my train of thought a few times lately. I thought you'd like to know.

Holy shit man. We like never fight. I just tried to remember a time where either of us yelled at the the other for something, not about something. All I can think of is that stupid fistfight in grade 7. What the fuck was that about? You wanna pretend it was a girl, or some drug money?

I'll send you some naked pics sometime, Miss you lover.

David "unnerving sexual innuendo' Howell
I can smell the reeking of your assholery even from HERE in Canada.
So, I show you the way to access banned websites from China, in the hopes you make a post, but instead you ABUSE it?!?!?!?!

p.s. i didn;t read this thing. WHAT ELSE DID YOU DO?!?!?!?!
If you don't explain why I shouldn't change my password because you have your own account/commenting abilities, i'm going to change my password. This is weird pants man. Who knows what you're gonna do next...could blow up the lj community disguised as me. I was also toying with the idea of private posts as of late because i cannot write by hand anymore (my handwriting=dead) which means i very likely will change it.

"In any case, after riding the giant hamster ball on the water with Rainbow and after I make go to another city on business to make a speech to 1000 people and travel down the Yangtze on a boat, I have no idea what's in store for me."
---That sounds so awsome that at first reading it sounds like something totally made up. But it's not. Which is awsomeawsome.

What's a hamster ball?

P.S. I hope you drown in a sea of chickens.

P.P.S. I'll believe there is a letter when I see it. >__>


hey this is mike.
by the by, on principle, i don't read your lj posts if i'm in your account (for the first time in... ever?)

but feel free to change your password if you're gonna private it up.


... and i figured most people would realize that it was me writing the post by the tagline (by the time they read "Mr. McCarthy")

... and google image search "hamster ball"

... and today i made some sort of speech to a number of students i shall not disclose in a certain satellite city wherein i totally may or may not have bombed.
chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

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