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chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

Sometimes it occurs to me that I, as a person, is made of fail.
There are just so many shortcomings in me as a person that I want to improve, but don't even know where to begin, because there are so many. ):
I would like to,

Be less awkward, especially when i meet new people, or even around people I have already met. I have seen improvements in this area, in that at least I am not as shy as I used to be. But sometimes i still find it awkward. Sometimes I have this thing where I'm afraid to look at the person in the eye, especially if it's a boy I've just met or a really goodlooking person. I'm sure people can sense this which as a result makes them a bit uncomfortable too, I think.

Be less stupid. I have..locked my keys inside my locker when I didn't sign up for it in the first place, which resulted in me having to get the student council to hack open my lock and totally embarrassing myself. I should also filter some of the things I say to some people, like Parents.  

Be less clumsy.

Be less forgetful. I have lost a total number of 3 usb keys on school property due to my forgetfulness. As a result, I have now given up on using usb keys and email everything to myself instead.

Be careful. Numerous times I have been honked by passing cars and buses. One of these days, I may very well be hit by one.

Be efficient. I waste a lot of my life on nothing at all. For example, I'll set my alarm to 8, then I'll wake up and lie in my bed for 3 hours daydreaming about stupid things. It's stupid. I want to stop this!

Be organized. I suck at this. I had a delay in getting my bus pass photo renewed which resulted in many bus drivers attempting to seize my pass. This is even more stupid as I wrote this down in my todo list a month in advance. But alas, if only I actually did half the things on my to do list.

Be more open about myself. It seems as though others around me have less trouble talking about themselves or offering their blunt opinion than I do. I also have this thing where the more/longer I have known a person, the less I can talk about some of the more "embarrassing" or "personal things" to them. Whereas to a semi-stranger or distant acquantance, it seems easier. But I guess this is not just me, it's the case for a lot of people.

Hum..I swear I thought of more earlier.

You know what, I should really go write that essay. That will make me feel better. Right? Right?!



hug hug, i'm still talking to you on msn love
My mom says you're too hard on yourself. (She was reading over my shoulder) She says you shouldn't speak of yourself more harshly than you do others.

Also hugs.
eh, it's not usual that i am. i blame hormones. =P
chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

July 2009

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