chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

Stupid consumerism. UGH

 So i spent some 60 dollars at Superstore: sunscreen, deodorants, and a shit ton of Joe Fresh beauty things, like..lipsticks, pink blush, etc. 
Also got 2 more sunhats.
Also got some pantyhoses.
I guess when i'm stressed and taking a break from studying i go outside for walks and i walk to the stores and buy things. Exams -->buying shit. 
Ugh. I am quite literally broke and surpassed what i can afford this month. I still need to buy:
in order of necessity:

- bus tickets
- chocolate to mail 
- possibly some fking $$$$ polaroid film so i can play with my polaroid at least once to see what it comes out like
- possibly some art supplies 
- bras
- workout clothes 

- Gap sandals when i go to Toronto
- white brogues
- black flats 


However i do enjoy the colours of the new Superstore brand makeup. lol 
studystudy now.
Persian and siuyan's birthday next Friday! (:

fashion can be so ugly:

and oh, was just now looking at some japanese...hmm art, interesting, to say the least

Not safe for work or children! ^
chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

I love canned tuna.

Mmm mm. The most deee-licious kind of fish..probably because I can't make tuna taste as flavoured if I tried to make it myself.

And a photo that made me smile a lot. (:

Courtesy of orchid's in..Russian?! o.O

chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

One day imma buy myself a horse carriage and travel that way.

Horses never lie. UNLIKE those deceitful BUS route numbers.

Well, ok so I realize, when you're really eager to get home, you CAN start hallucinating, like mistaken the 86 for 96, mistaken "Fallowfield" for "Kanata"---how in the world? I don't know. I could've sworn it said Kanata in its big bright oh-so-cheerful orange bus lights.

What makes this sad and quite laughable, is the same thing happened to me last year. YES. I also took the 86 which i somehow read as 96.
I should compile a book of the really silly/extraordinarily stupid/weird/strange/wtf things I do and by the end of the year, we might have a book similar to the size of an encyclopedia of the world's history..or something.

Ethics essay: 3 reasons why businesses shouldn't resort to bribery even when its customary in the host country: it damages the reputation which in the long wrong costs the corporation, corporations get so caught up in making profit that they're enslaved by them and end up hurting themselves even though they think they're making gains (god it sounded much more clear when I was formulating this in my head on the bus...something built around concepts by Socrates), it hurts the consumers and the economy in general.

Bahh..spending the rest of the week and next Monday hermitting on a computer for  this essay.
And then..I don't know..I want to buy something. Or cut out my old jean vest. I've found there are so many ways you can recycle your old clothes originally intended for Goodwill donations.

Hey Mike, now that you can get LJ (due to my vast sea of knowledge on all that is useful xPPP), post somethingggg. XP

chipmunk in Tokyo 2011

long time no post..

but no i have not decided on a cellphone 40 dollars seem an awful lot for cellphone fee -_- so i will decide...soon...


...i haven't wanted to see a new movie for a long, long, long, long time...since when was the last time anyone went to a theatre? and in highschool all people did was goto amc every second weekend >.>

this looks incredibly...pretty...and period-drama-esque...and hot...i mean the dude is...mmm...
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